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Main Page: Jaktar - Der Elfenstein

Jaktar is a traditional role playing game, which could be described as a mixture of the well known games Ultima, Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master. The player goes on a mission to protect the mysterious continent of Salar against the invasion of the hostile armies of a sinister witchcraft "Hexenmeister". During this odyssey the player encounters numerous different quests and hidden dangers. The main playing field is bigger than 256 monitor screens and countless dungeons and cities in 3D-view create the right feeling for adventure.

After all this game avails of more than 8 MByte of graphics and over 3 MByte of music und Sound-FX. The game has been written for the german language user and the extensive documentation is also in german.

The Story:

The peaceful continent of Salar is confronted with it`s most dangerous challenge yet: Elex, the necromancer, who keeps the soul of an ancient, evil god inside himself, prepares to overcome the Eternal Mountains with his evil hordes and make the world his property. Only a small group of talented heroes, with sharp wits and hearts as clean as The Mirror Sea, will be able to save Salar and restore peace and order. They will travel the lands from the Deserts of Ice to the Fever Jungle, fight Orcs, Trolls and creatures from demonic spheres to find the lost pieces of JAKTAR, the Elvenstone, which can - when being united on the Holy Altair - destroy the the power of evil and banish Elex forever. The quest for JAKTAR will keep Amiga roleplayers enchanted for weeks!

Amiga-Magazin 2/96: 70% GOOD
Amiga-Games 2/96: 62% Phantastic action surrounds
Amiga-Joker 2/96: 55%


  • 8 MB of graphics in 64 to 4096 color mode on all Amigas
  • 3 MB of music and sound FX for any game situation
  • Orchestral soundtrack
  • Playable on all Amigas
  • 300 screens of detailed 2D bird`s view-perspective main playfields
  • Realistic environment with all types of landscapes, day/night-cycles and "weather"!
  • More than two dozens of dungeons and full-featured villages and cities in 3D view!
  • 20 intelligent monster classes with individual look
  • 100 independent non-player-characters
  • Action-Packed __body scheme combat system__
  • Easy-to-use magical system
  • 8 races and 7 professions for your party members
  • More than 50 weapons and objects
  • Game can be controlled completely by mouse & keyboard
  • Does not interrupt multitasking
  • supports all types of additional hardware like FastRAM and turboboards!
  • Perfect for A 1200/HD !!!

System requirements:

Amiga with 1.5 MByte RAM, Harddrive